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Our work focuses on providing consulting services in technology, ticketing and fundraising. We work with organizations around the globe from the arts to arenas to help them select the best software and hardware tools for their ticketing, fundraising and networking needs, implement those tools, plan and execute transitions to new tools and make the most of the existing tools.


We can help with any of the following challenges:

+ Working through the RFP process for new software
+ Creation of software comparison grid
+ Assessment of current hardware and software
+ Integration of databases and elimination of duplicate
+ data and processes
+ Creating conversion plans for software transitions
+ Project management
+ Custom Report creation
+ Strategic and functional planning for regional or
+ consortium ticketing
+ Database and data organization, de-duping and cleaning
+ Establishing and documenting data standards and
+ procedures
+ Creation of custom documentation
+ Custom and personalized training
+ Disaster recovery planning
+ Network design and implementation


We are independent and not dedicated to any one set of tools, but will work with your selected tools or help you find the tools that work best for you. With almost 20 years of experience in ticketing and fundraising, our experience is broad and varied

Like the central plaza of a town, the Web Plaza is a gathering place. This electronic plaza is a gathering place of ideas, services, experience and information. Use the links on our site to find out more about technology and news. Learn about the services we offer that are available "on the Plaza" One of our areas of expertise is technology in the live event ticketing industry, so the Plaza also connects you to some of our favorite live events.



Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
2006 FIFA World Cup Starts on June 8 2006
XX Olympic Winter Games10-26 February 2006






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