Whatever your ticketing or fundraising needs, our expertise and our nearly 20 years of experience can help you accomplish your long and short-term goals.

Working through the RFP process for new software

Need to search for new software? We can help you analyze and prioritize your needs and then format a Request For Proposal or RFP to software vendors.

Creation of software comparison grid
After analyzing and prioritizing your software needs, you may need help comparing the answers you get from software vendors. We can help you translate vendor’s answers and make a comparison of software features, costs (including hidden costs) and requirements.

Creating conversion plans for software transitions
Once you have decided on new software, you need to create a timeline and plan for your conversion process. Who should do what and when? We can help you form a plan and help you manage your conversion process, including helping you work with your new vendor.

Assessment of current hardware and software
If you have limited or no I.T. staff, you may wonder if you are utilizing your software to the best of its abilities and your needs. You may wonder if your hardware is keeping up with your work pace. We can help you analyze both your software and software and help make a plan for your future.

Integration of databases and elimination of duplicate data and processes
If you collect information about the same processes or people in multiple databases, chances are you are duplicating information. For example, you may store information about your volunteers in your ticketing software, your fundraising software and in a volunteer tracking database. We can help you identify and eliminate duplicate processes and data collection and figure out how to efficiently pass information between databases.

Project management
Sometimes you are faced with out-of-the-ordinary projects that can become overwhelming. This could include anything from how to fit a capital campaign into your database processing to a software upgrade or change to a building move. We can help you plan, manage and successfully carry out special projects.

Custom Report creation
Sometimes the built-in reports in ticketing or fundraising software packages just don’t meet your needs. We can help you customize special reports and document the report and its procedures for your staff.

Strategic and functional planning for regional or consortium ticketing
Are you considering creating a regional ticketing consortium? How do you get multiple organizations to agree on ticketing processes? Can your software handle separating your data accurately? Should you maintain separate databases or should you merge your databases together? We can help you work through these complicated issues.

Database and data organization, de-duping and cleaning
Duplicate records cost time and money and can cause embarrassment when dealing with patrons. Identifying duplicate records can be tricky, but preventing them from occurring in the first place can be even trickier. We can help you recognize your data capturing weaknesses and create a strategy for regular maintenance of duplicate records that get created.

Establishing and documenting data standards and procedures
You know the saying “garbage in, garbage out”? This holds true for databases. In order to create predicable reports, analysis and mailings, you need to know that you are entering data consistently and logically. We can help you create data standards that work naturally with the software you use and then help you document those standards so that your employees can apply them.

Creation of custom documentation
Most Box Office and Development offices have frequent turnover in staff. If you do not document your procedures and the specific way in which you use software, staff transition can be awkward, time consuming and can create inconsistencies in data. Let us help you create documentation that matches your processes and is readable by your staff.

Custom and personalized training
Training provided by software manufacturers and by national software training chains can be frustrating. Often training spends time on features that you do not use, confusing your employees that are being trained. We can customize training to your needs, your use of software and limit training to only the features that are the most meaningful to you.

Disaster recovery planning
It isn’t fun to think about the worst possible scenarios that could happen to your data or your systems, but your data is your business and without it, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to continue. Let us help you work through possible crises and make sure you are well protected against whatever the future could bring.

Network design and implementation
In this day and age most organizations have some sort of a network installed. You may not have all of the pieces tied together yet, however, and you may have heard that doing so is difficult and expensive. We can help you weed out fact from fiction and suggest a plan to phase you into the twenty-first century.

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